SVM - Powder Coated Busbar

Material Grades:


Interpon 100 AN137QF

Resicoat HGC20R

Resicoat HLF 59R EL


Resicoat epoxy powder is an excellent electrical insulator with good resistance against chemicals, heat & moisture.

It has got good strength and adhesion to conductors like copper and aluminium.

Product after powder coating could bear a service temperature of upto 130 deg.

Coating thickness of about 0.3mm to 0.6mm can be applied to bus bars to withstand required hi pot/ dielectric strength. (Dielectric strength of epoxy powder – 40 – 45 kv/mm thickness)

Powder coated bus bars could be able to withstand vibration and shock during application.


Flame class UL-94 V-0 and RoHS compliant.


Interconnection of Capacitor Links, DC Link, IGBT Power Module, Power and Measuring Components, High Current Inductors etc for various markets like Power Electronics, Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Aerospace Application, Military Application, and Transportation.