SVM - Current Transformer

Various Types:

Conventional Current Transformer

Hall Effect Current Transformer


PCB mountable current sensor up to 25 Amps

Measure AC currents up to 50 kHz


EN 50178, IEC 61010-1

Principle of Hall Effect:

When a current-carrying conductor is placed into a magnetic field, a voltage is generated perpendicular to both the current and the field. This principle is known as the Hall Effect.

Hall Effect Current Transformer

Advantages of Hall Effect Current Transformer:

Measure AC currents up to 50 kHz.

Sensor measures AC & DC currents

Linear output over the entire range (better than 1% accuracy from 100 mA to 25 amps)

High speed sensing

Immune to most types of external disturbance.

Power consumption is very low.

Works on a wide supply voltage.


Current sensing, Power sensing (watt-hour metering), Current trip-point detection, Strain gauge, magnetically biased sensing applications, Ferrous metal detectors, Proximity sensing.