SVM - Flexible Busbar (Pressure Welded)

Various Types:

Pressure Welded Bus bar (0.5 mm to 1 mm T X 10 Layers).

Flexible Bus bars (0.1 mm T X 50 Layers).

Material Grades:

Copper : ASTM B152 C11000 (ETP)


Easily bent, folded, and twisted, improving assembly flexibility, shortening connections, and decreasing footprint

Dramatically smaller and more flexible than comparable cable based on ampacity

Better power density than cable with lower skin effect ratio.

Connections made by punching and bolting directly through the copper laminates, clamping onto the end of the flexible bar.

No lugs needed, reducing installation time and improving resistance to vibration

Weight savings and material savings compared to wire alternatives.

Reduces total installation cost Traceability codes and designation part numbers printed on insulation 100% production dielectric tested.


Interconnection of Capacitor Links, DC Link, IGBT Power Module, Power and Measuring Components, High Current Inductors etc for various markets like Power Electronics, Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Aerospace Application, Military Application, and Transportation.