SVM - KOBASOL - PVC Molded Bus Bar

Various Types:

Simple insulated Jumpers

Multiple bends on bus bar with insulation

Formed bus bars.

Material Grades:

Insulation material - Kobasol - 4 (PVC).


Kobasol - 4 is nothing but a PVC insulation material molded over the conductor.

Bus bar may have any kind of profile can be insulated all around the copper conductor to provide electrical insulation.

Kobasol - 4 is a soft and flexible insulation even after molding.

Dielectric strength of kobasol - 4 is about 11kV/mm.

Insulation thickness of about min 0.5mm to max 4 mm thickness can be molded based on the Hi pot requirements on the bus bars.


Flammability of kobasol - 4 is UL-94 V-O and RoHS compliant.


Interconnection of Capacitor Links, DC Link, IGBT Power Module, Power and Measuring Components, High Current Inductors etc for various markets like Power Electronics, Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Aerospace Application, Military Application, and Transportation.