SVM - Reactors

Various Types:

Line Reactors

Output Reactors

Smoothing Reactor

Filter Reactor


Reactors upto 1050A Current Rating with Inverter Switching frequency up to 8 kHz


IEC 61558-1, IEC 61558-2-4

Core Geometries:

Silicon Steel Strip Lamination


Round and Rectangular Enameled Copper Conductor

Copper Foil and Aluminium Foil with Bus Bar Termination

In House Facilities:

Silicon Steel Lamination Stamping Facility

Silicon Steel Lamination Core Annealing Facility

Mounting parts Fabrication Facility (Punching, Bending and Forming).

Termination Bus bar development facility


Reactors for Grid side Inverter for Wind Mill, Frequency Converters, and DC Drive etc.