SVM - Linear Power Transformers

Various Types:

Isolation Transformer

EI type Lamination Transformer

Strip Lamination Transformer

Toroid Lamination Transformer

M type Lamination Transformer

Tape wound C Core Type Transformer

High Voltage Transformer

Auto Transformers

Linear Power Transformer Ranges:

3 phase 50kVA Power Rating and above with the operating frequency ranges from 50Hz, 60Hz

Single phase Transformer up to 25kVA Power Rating with the operating frequency ranges from 50Hz, 60Hz.

Custom type with operating frequency up to 400Hz.

High Voltage Transformers up to 200kV


IEC 60601-1, IEC 61558-2-4, IEC 60076, UL5085-1, UL5085-2

Core Geometries:

E & I Lamination

Strip Lamination

Special Geometries in U & I Lamination Core

M type Core and

Toroid Core.


Enameled Round Copper conductor

Rectangular Copper Conductor

Copper Foil and

Aluminium Foil types.

In House Facilities:

Silicon Steel Lamination Stamping Facility

Bobbin Manufacturing Facility

Mounting Parts Fabrication Facility

Silicon steel Lamination Core Annealing Facility


Isolation, Step up, Step down Transformers, Auto Transformers for Various Power Distribution Unit.