SVM - PQ Series

S.No Bobbin Type Vertical / Horizontal Number of Pin Pin Type Attachment
1 PQ20/16 Series Vertical 14 Pin Straight Pin PQ20×16
2 PQ26/20 Series Vertical 12 Pin Straight Pin PQ26×20
3 PQ26/25 Series Vertical 12 Pin Straight Pin PQ26×25
4 PQ32/20 Series Vertical 12 Pin Straight Pin PQ32×20
5 PQ32/30 Series Vertical 12 Pin Straight Pin PQ32×30
Various Types:

Flyback Transformer

Push pull Transformer

Gate Drive Transformer

Forward Converter Transformer

Pulse Transformer


Upto 500 kHz switching frequency


IEC 60601-1

Core Geometries:

EE, EFD, ETD, EP, PQ, RM, ER, Pot, Toroid, UU, UI, etc.


Enameled Copper Conductor as per NEMA Standard

Tex – E Wires (Triple Insulated Wires)

Round Litz Wire & Twisted wire

In House Facilities:

Special Geometry in Ferrites by developing Soft Tooling

Bobbin Molding Facility

Pin Insertion Facility

High Volume Manufacturing Facility


LED Lighting, Consumer Electronics - Chargers, Automotive Electronics, Welding Technologies, and Medical Electronics, Transformer for LED Driver, Magnetic for LED Driver etc.